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Fencing | Ultra Steel Palisade
Fencing | Ultra Steel Palisade

Metafence offers an Ultra Steel Palisade System that is at the leading edge of steel palisade technology, resulting from extensive research and testing. The cold rolled "Ultra" pales, rails and posts create an exceptional strong security fence with an attractive look that is lacking from other systems.

The Ultra Steel Palisade System is assembled on site quickly and easily, following the gradient of the ground, eliminating vulnerable gaps at ground level left by some mesh and rigid panel systems.

Typical applications

  • Industrial and commercial sites
  • Electrical / gas water installations
  • Defence installations
  • School and campuses (round and notched pale top preferred)


  • Stronger than traditional steel palisade systems
  • Greater protection against intruders and vandals
  • A range of choices, an adaptable system to suit all situations
  • Lightweight offers cost savings on labour and transport
  • Low maintenance

Standard Ultra Steel Palisade System

Ultra Pale
Specifiers and users can safely rely on the System offered by Metafence, the Ultra Pale's unique profile and its patented bolt head protection system that make it superior over conventional pale. The edges of the deep double curvature are finished with a neat Dutch bead, which not only provides further strength along the length of the pale, but makes it ideal for safe use where children may come into contact with the fence. There is a choice of Ultra Pale heads to suit all requirements; on installations around schools or parks we would strongly recommend the round or round and notched tops.

Ultra Rail
The unique and aesthetic design of the Ultra Rail, linked to the inherent strength of the profile, offers many advantages over the traditional RSA (angle iron) rails including:

  • Significant reduction in foothold area discouraging attempts at climbing
  • The top anti-grab tags add a further unique deterrent
  • Reduced sag eliminating the need for 'anti-sag legs'
  • Reduced risk of tampering with fixings

Ultra RSJ Posts
Developed using cold steel technology the Ultra RSJ Post used with the system is a unique lightweight post that is stronger than traditionally used 102 x 44 mm hot RSJ. Designed to appear as a standard post and slotted to fit standard fishplates the post offers several advantages including:

  • Pierced bottom of posts to key in to concrete
  • Lightweight construction for ease of handling without loss of strength
  • Reduced transportation and handling costs

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